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"Baars-addendum" - 'An American investigative reporter's look into one of the Catholic child prostitution ring operations', as submitted by Thomas Doyle, O.P.,J.C.D.

The following is information obtained from an investigative reporter.

Conrad Baars was legit. He got suckered in by the notorious Fr. Thomas A. Kane of the Worcester diocese. Kane, who had a phony PhD, brought Baars in as a "cover" to give legitimacy to his new House of Affirmation in Worcester. No treatment went on there that we could ever tell.

Kane used it to get money to invest in real estate (he did creative things with the books) and to bring perpetrators together and to pass around young boys and teenage boys.

Baars was supposed to stay out of sight and out of mind but he started asking questions about the double set of books etc. Kane got rid of him. Baars never got over it.

Kane operated a ring out of the House. Dave Lewcon of Webster knows plenty about this. One of the "directors" was Brendan Riordan of Rockville Centre, NY, who met boys there. He was named in a confidential settlement agreement in the suit Mark Barry brought against Kane. Kane started molesting Barry at age 9 and passed him around to a bunch of priests. Riordan was one. Barry told me the story. Riordan is the live in lover of Msgr. Alan Placa, who was recently removed by Mansion Murphy. Murphy is still protecting Riordan.

I have managed to get most of this in the paper but no one seemed to take much notice. The House of Affirmation was a real house of horrors.

When Barry filed suit, Kane started moving his real estate to other names. Riordan and Placa got a nice piece of real estate in Florida. Dave Lewcon, who has many contacts, is telling me that Kane was also heavily into providing drugs to people. I don't think he was a user but he was a source. Drugs were all part of his party culture.
The House closed in the late 1980s amid financial scandal that the Worcester diocese tried to cover. Kane, with his phony credentials, was the therapist to Bishop Timothy Harrington. It is generally known that Kane got away with everything because he had the goods on everyone. It was known that Harrington had a drinking problem and I believe he had a mistress in the Sisters of Mercy. She was with him until he died and then was removed from the Worcester scene rather quickly. The insider knows that girlfriends to the Worcester priests often came from the Mercy sisters. This sounds awful but I have heard enough. Msgr. Leo Battista, friend of Harrington and Msgr. Tinsley (who is still covering things up) was taking his girlfriends right out of the Mercy convent. We got that into print some years ago. It just goes on and on.

Baars died after he was fired from the House. His daughter believes his treatment by Kane contributed to his demise. I gather Dr. Baars was legit and really wanted to make a contribution. He fell in with evil people and could not see it.

I never heard that Bishop Flanagan was a perpetrator but he was a loyal churchman and covered up plenty. I always got along with him but people who worked for him said he was a cold fish and not good with people.
These bishops all learn a public act to make the people in the pews believe they are warm and pastoral. You know as well as I that it is largely a crock.

Sr. Anna Polcino was generally considered to be a joke in the Worcester area although she conned a lot of people. Word is she was part and parcel of the whole thing and knew all. She has since died.

She was a surgeon in her religious order and then developed arthritis. She went back to school to become a psychiatrist. Her credentials are weak. I think she came from Worcester State Hospital (not exactly a first-class operation by any standards.)

Paul DellaVallee did the work on House of Affirmation when it folded. I remember him saying that Kane got his hooks into her and played on her fears and weaknesses. I have also heard she was very cognizant of what was going on. She ended up retiring to her own condo (probably bought by Kane and H of A) in New Jersey. People in Worcester always described her as looking like a "bag lady." She was no dresser, that's for sure. She used to speak and fronted for the house. I met her once at a business and professional women's meeting in Worcester. She seemed okay, but what did I know then?

Kane never was a PhD. He took a year away from Worcester, re-emerged a year later and claimed to have a PHD from the University of Birmingham, England. I still laugh and have it on my desk. You see... U of Birmingham never heard of him and he never got a degree there. He got no degree anywhere. But there is this picture of Kane, little round Celtic face and all (my little Celtic face is round too!) dressed in his "doctoral robes" with this elaborate story that he got his PhD after study at Birmingham and would be starting a treatment facility with the blessing of the bishop.

I read our whole file on the House. They got Baars on board. Wright got approval from the Vatican. Flanagan, Madeiros and a bunch of other bishops went on board.

It opened with this great flourish and much publicity. Not one news article said they were taking in perverts. You would think it was just tired and overworked priests and religious.

Our report in that area, Tom Mattson, had been an ordained Protestant minister and was really crazy to boot. I loved him anyway. He fell right into that humanistic Kane claptrap and wrote article after article about this wonderful "priest-therapist" who was an international figure and whose theories were just it. What Kane was doing was collecting big bucks from these bishops to take in their perpetrators. They were allowed loose where they could scout boys. Kane even sent them out into parishes where they abused even more kids. Kane was a perpetrator himself and was bringing in boys to be passed around. This is not hearsay. It has all been documents and we have run it in the paper.

The reason lawyer Dan Shea got hot onto this and trekked up from Houston is because he was a seminarian for the Providence diocese. Dan has a very strong intellectual base. He graduated from Louvain and really wanted to be a priest. He ran afoul of "Truck Stop" Louis Gelineau who didn't like intellectuals. One day after meeting with Gelineau, he was walked out of the building (he actually was a transitional deacon) when a Msgr. Daniel P. Reilly (now Worcester bishop) called him over and said he had a wonderful solution since Dan had "an authority problem."

He said there was this wonderful place up in Whitinsville called the House of Affirmation and he was on the board and would get him in. Dan took it at face value and went. He was at the House all of 20 minutes. Kane started putting the moves on him, he felt uncomfortable and left.

Fast forward 30 years and Rich Nangle, a fellow reporter, is looking through the courthouse and in a file on one victim find this piece of paper connected to the Mark Barry suit against Kane. In it was a separate section that named a Fr. Robert Shauris, Fr. Tom Teczar and this Msgr. Brendan Riordan of Rockville Centre. Rich and I not being lawyers were puzzled by the additional names not in the original suit. Dan called one day and we read it to him over the phone. He must have gone through the ceiling because he identified what we had. These guys were all perpetrators and were hidden within the first confidential settlement. No one was to see that document, even the judge. Reilly himself signed it. I give Dan credit. He located Kane for us down in Mexico and got us on the path of finding all those documents on Riordan and Placa.

We have since gathered that a lot of bishops were going in and out of that place and it was the place to go if you wanted kids and teen-agers. Madeiros, who is not clean, was involved there. We can only guess at this point about others.

Mark Barry admitted to us that he had been passed around to all the guys listed in that settlement. Dave Lewcon, a Teczar victim, was at the House while he father did some renovation work for Kane. He can tell plenty about what went on there. There was no treatment.

I think Kane also picked up business because his rates were cheaper than the places that really tried to treat these people. He pulled in a lot of money.

When the place finally folded, Bishop Harrington did his best to hide everything. He actually writes a letter of recommendation so the phony Dr. Kane could be executive director of the Catholic Guild of Psychiatrists.

© Copyright 2003 Internations' Justice Federation