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The first international conference for the prevention of child abuse - February 9, 2004 - Piere 21, Halifax, NS.

Download our conference brochure here.

 Internations' Justice Federation



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Internations’ Justice Federation is based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. We are an organization developing the first-ever international memorial service for survivors of institutional child abuse and their families and friends. We would like to offer you a brief introduction to the project and its objectives.

OBJECTIVES: The objectives for which Internations’ Justice Federation was established are carried on a cooperative basis to educate society and create public awareness on issues concerning institutional child abuse. Furthermore, the Federation aims to create opportunities for victims, survivors, and their families and friends to unite and prosper.

With due consideration to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Internations’ Justice Federation recognizes that no individual human majority or minority can be expendable in the cause of theory or policy. Internations’ Justice Federation is committed to peaceful and non-violent change.

Among the functions of the organization are:

  1. The International Institutional Child Abuse Memorial Program; The memorial service offers survivors of institutional abuse a time to remember the victims whose lives have been claimed by institutional abuse, to unite all survivor groups and individual survivors, and to bring the issue to the international forefront;

  2. The Unknown Orphan Memorial; will immortalize the many victims of institutional abuse whose lives have been claimed by abuse, particularly, those who never received proper burial rites nor marked grave sites i.e. "The Butter Box Babies"; and
  3. Therapeutic Institutional Abuse Program; is a pilot program designed to address the flaws of government redress programs. The program entails a holistic approach to therapy and includes an intensive, year-long schedule to assist survivors in reaching healing and finding closure to lifelong issues of abuse.

Today, many more lives are still being claimed by institutional abuse. Subsequently, many survivor groups continue to surface. The International Institutional Child Abuse Memorial aspires to unite all groups, aboriginal and non-aboriginal. The Federation is employing a concerted effort to address the issue of institutional abuse. Sadly, institutional abuse is only now beginning to surface in other countries around the world. This abuse wreaks havoc on the members of society.

Victims’ traumatic experiences continue to haunt them long after they have left the institutions. The effects of abuse are strongly reflected in our corrective social programs and crime rates. We have lost, and continue to lose, many of these victims to homelessness, poverty, violence, crime and suicide.

Today, more than ever, criminal and civil claims of institutional and systematic abuse are being launched in Canada and across the world. The issue is fast becoming an international crisis.

Therefore, it is quite clear that the dialogue of mediation between the relevant parties is failing us. The International Institutional Child Abuse Memorial project will also engage mediation in the debate of redress programs affecting the various institutions, governments, survivors, victims and the world community.
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