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Internations’ Justice Federation is seeking stories of orphaned children whose lives have been claimed by abuse and who have been buried in unmarked graves. Our "Unknown Orphan Memorial" aspires to bring them home and give them a proper burial, thereby returning the dignity that was robbed from them. Internations’ Justice Federation hopes to hold a ceremony very similar to that of the Unknown Soldier.

Internations’ Justice Federation could use your help with the development of our Web site. Our goal is to create a site that will promote large-scale awareness of the issue of institutional abuse and provide a tool for researchers, the media, and any organization, group or individual wishing to learn and understand the issues. Comments and suggestions should be submitted to our Web site designer, Kenneth, at (kgerson@campus.ie).

All submissions should be "cc’d" (copied) to the Federation’s general e-mail address: therochfiles@hotmail.com. All submissions should also have "INTERNATIONS' JUSTICE FEDERATION – Web site submissions" in the subject line.

When the memorial service is long over, the Federation hopes are that those who were once victims of institutional abuse, and their friends and families will be able to visit the memorial site, where they can mourn privately. (Many people do not take well to public gatherings.)

The Federation will also be developing an independent e-mail database system exclusively for survivors and victims of institutional abuse, as well as an independent e-mail database system for advocates. In order to prevent backlog and lost e-mails, the Federation e-mail database system will have an unlimited amount of storage space. The concept aims to address the issue of privacy, security and faulty server problems.

Through its Web site, the Federation will be able to organize in one cyberspace area, where it can better reach out to survivors. Members can maintain their own personal accounts outside our e-mail database system without having theirs compromised by massive overloads of e-mails from groups like THE LINKUP and S.N.A.P. This should also help us to track our numbers better.

Above all, the Federation seeks to engender an international social conscience on institutional child abuse. The world needs to remember so that we can ensure the horrors of the past never happen again in any land.

Without the support of survivors of institutional child abuse, International Institutional Child Abuse Memorial Day will not be realized.

If you are struggling with abuse issues, or would like to know how you can become a part of victims’ healing process, the Federation is currently gathering a list of names of people who would like to take part in the Wellness Program for Healing. The work is based in part from A Course in Miracles. Please contact the Federation at therochfiles@campus.ie to let us know if you are interested.

Thank you for your time,

"The worst sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them: that's the essence of inhumanity."

The Federation welcomes all volunteers and/or donations.

© Copyright 2003 Internations' Justice Federation