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A Romanian's orphan's website deicated to orphans worldwide
Adults Abused As Children Worldwide (AAaCW) - A Foundation mandated to inform and support adults abused in childhood and increase awareness of the long-term consequences of childhood abuse.
An American institutional child abuse survivor's story
Anti-Racism Links
Australia's "The Stolen Children"
Barnardos Homes - Help for all ex-Barnardo children and their descendants in the U.K. and those who were sent overseas
Barry M. Coldrey - Australia's key investigator into institutional child abuse
Boston Globe's coverage on the Clergy sex abuse scandal.
Broken Rites Australia
Canadian Survivors Network
Care Leavers Association - United Kingdom
Center For World Indigenous Studies
Chernobyl Children's Project
Child Migrants Trust
Children and Human Rights Links
Childrens Homes - U.K. Commonwealth
Citizens Commission on Human Rights - Canada
Civil Rights
CLAN - Care Leavers of Australia Network
Cultural Survival 'Promoting the rights, voices, and visions of indigenous peoples'
Deafness Advocacy Association Nova Scotia
Fire In Ice - U.K. Merseyside based self-help project run by and for men who have experienced child abuse especially those who were abused in childcare institutions.
Free The Children
Friends of Guatemalan Children - Provides information on an alleged perpetrator and former Covenant House associate and his activities in Guatemala.
HAVOCA - An organization based in the United Kingdom dedicated to provide help, support and information to an adult who is suffering from past childhood abuse.
The Historical Abuse Network Australian support group for people who have experienced abuse in institutions, foster care and detention.
Home Children Canada - A support group for Former Child Migrants based in Canada
Innu Nation
International Aboriginal/Indigneous Links
International Association of Childhood Trauma
Legends & Legacies - Orphanages and Orphans
Male Survivor – The national Organization against male sexual Victimization based in the United States of America
New Brunswick Protestant Orphans Home
Office of The High Commssioner For Human Rights
Paddy Doyle - Best selling author and disabled rights activist
Personal website - St.Joseph's Orphanage, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Pokrov - Site for victims of abuse in the Orthodox Church
REACH Canada Equality and Justice for people with disabilities.
Renee's Website Links of orphanages.
Restoring Trust - A Response to Sexual Abuse
Save The Children
Society of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Nova Scotians
SNAP - Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests
SOSA - Survivors of Spiritual Abuse
Stolen Generations - Canada
STTOP - STTOP! is a group organized to give a voice to victims of sexual abuse by priests.
Survival for Tribal Peoples
Spiritual Abuse Recovery
Survivor Connections, Inc.- The True Memory Foundation® Advocacy for activism by rape, incest, sexual assault survivors
Survivors First - Advocate group for survivors of clergy sexual abuse
Survivors UK - Help for men who have been sexually abused or raped based in the United Kingdom.
The British Home Children: North America's 100,000 Invisible Child Migrants.
The Canadian Centre for Home Children Dedicated to the more than 100,000 British children who left their families behind, when they were sent to Canada between 1869 and 1948.
Nathalie Des Rosiers - The Law Commission of Canada
The Lighthouse - Dedicated to Survivors and Victims of Clergy sexaul abuse that haven't survived
The Linkup - Survivors of Clergy Abuse
The Nolan Report - Review on Child Protection in the Catholic Church in England and Wales
Turtle Island Native Network
University of Minnesota - International Human Rights Library
Wounded Boys - Courageous Men - Dedicated to the survivors of institutionalized child abuse.
Wounded Healer - Wounded Healer is a radio programme that examines the many paths to empowerment and personal sovereignty... everything from holistic therapies and spiritual awareness to myth and symbolism.

The Federation does not endorse any particular information source or style of recovery, although recovery seems best accomplished by thinking for yourself, rather than trading one "cult" for another. While internet support groups can be invaluable healing and information resource, they may also become another style of "cult". A survivor may find one "recovery" group and never look to other sources of information or support. Try to find several support and information resources by reading or writing at the forums from different providers and organizations. Healing is an individual process. A single resource could never meet the recovery and information needs of everyone. Please continue to grow, explore and heal. Any site may contain information that is triggering for you, personally. Please be critical of all information as there are no guarantees as to the veracity of the sources. This list of resources is, of course, not complete.
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