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Rev. Kevin Annett, renowned whistle-blower and author of "Hidden from History: The Canadian Holocaust", will be speaking in Victoria on Saturday, May 17 at 7 pm at 2750 Quadra street, suite 108.

Annett will be reading from his latest book, "Love and Death in the Valley", which chronicles his inspiring efforts to uncover the evidence of the murder of native people in west coast residential schools, after he was fired without cause from the United Church of Canada in 1995.

He will also be announcing the formation of a new international body to unite whistleblowers and others
who have exposed pedophilia and other crimes in churches and government institutions. This body will
be establishing a series of public memorial sites in remembrance of all children who have died in such

Public protest actions and a campaign of civil disobedience are also being contemplated.

Annett comments,

"The recent attempt by the United Church in B.C. to fire and silence Laurie Brown, a church employee who
identified a convicted pedophile within the church's ranks, shows that the protection of sex abusers is an automatic practice within that church. Pedophilia is so institutionalized because it is condoned by officers of the United Church of Canada. This sickness has not gone away."

Annett's talk is sponsored by local members of religious and aboriginal communities.

For more information, contact Barbara at: light.wave@telus.net
or Kevin Annett at 604-466-1804 or kevinannett@yahoo.ca

(Annett's website is http://canadiangenocide.nativeweb org)

10 May, 2003
Vancouver, BC

"what has happened to him is outrageous" Dr. Noam Chomsky, speaking of Kevin Annett, August 7, 2002

Read Kevin's personal story of uncovering Genocide in Canada, and the price he has paid for doing so:

Order "Love and Death in the Valley" by Kevin Annett through First Books at: www.1stBooks.com/bookview/11639

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