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James Fryday, Nova Scotia Department Of Justice

I wish to provide you with some background information with respect to Roch Longueepee, founder, Internations’ Justice Federation and my involvement with Roch in a personal context and his efforts with respect to the development of the International Institutional Child Abuse Memorial.

I have had a lot of contact with Roch regarding his personal circumstances and his efforts with the above noted project. As you may be aware Roch is a survivor of institutional child abuse and multiple maltreatment and he has provided me with considerable information and evidence with respect to his own personal life experiences regarding this abuse and neglect. For your information Roch initiated the memorial project. He was also involved and committed in a leadership capacity in the Terry Fox Run in the provinces of Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia for many years.

In 2002 he organized the most successful run in the Bedford, Nova Scotia area in the past 15 years. On a personal note I want you to know that in 29 years as a professional with the Department of Justice, I have never met a person like Roch with respect to his dedication, commitment as a volunteer and his resolve and sense of social responsibility combined with his personal past history to initiate and continue to develop for the benefit of others worldwide who are also victims of abuse. I am totally impressed with his unselfish efforts in all aspects to benefit victims and to be socially conscious to look for positive change in his quest for international and local respect and understanding on the enduring effects/affects of child abuse and neglect.

I have worked over almost 30 years with youth and their families as well as adults in conflict with the law and have been involved with (too many) victims of past child abuse. For your information I have medical evidence from Dr.John Curtis which, in a letter of support for Roch he stated the following:

"In many respects it is somewhat amazing, given the horribleness of his upbringing, how in tact psychologically he actually is".

Roch has spent a considerable amount of time and devoted energy to his endeavor in the Memorial Project and related activities and he remains committed in this regard.

I support him and the Federation 100% and trust that they will be given your positive consideration for helping victims of abuse through his efforts.

It is my opinion, the responsibility of all of us involved with them and others of similar circumstances to do all we can to support their personal growth.

In Trust,

James Fryday,

Department of Justice
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

© Copyright 2003 Internations' Justice Federation